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How to Protect Your Body from Radiation 
Sunday, May 15, 2011, 09:09 PM
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As we have been periodically reminded since mid-March, plutonium, strontium 90, and radioactive iodine (131-I) have been spreading from the melting Fukushima nuclear reactors and reaching cities throughout the US. Radioactive elements can harm life forms by causing cells and their DNA to mutate. Many have been directly linked to various forms of cancer. The Fukushima disaster has the potential to harm people throughout the world through exposure to radiation. The good news is that there are simple nutritional steps you can take to protect yourself.

Doctors James and Phyllis Balch write in Prescription for Nutritional Healing,
Radioactive elements are structurally similar to their nonradioactive counterparts, differing only in the number of neutrons the atoms contain. This is why nutrition is important in preventing or blocking damage from exposure to radioactive elements. If you do not obtain sufficient amounts of calcium, potassium, and other minerals in your diet, your body may absorb radioactive elements that are similar in structure to these nutrients. For example, if you do not obtain enough calcium, your body will absorb radioactive strontium 90 or other elements that are similar in structure to calcium, if they are available. Similarly, if you obtain sufficient potassium from your diet, your body will be less likely to retain any radioactive cesium 137 it encounters, as this element is similar to potassium. If the cells are able to obtain all nutrients they need from your diet, they will be less likely to avsorb radioactive substitutes, which are then more likely to be discarded from the body.

Some of the Balchs' top recommendations include daily intake of calcium and magnesium (2-1 ratio in mg's between these), kelp (great source of minerals including iodine), coenzyme Q10, vitamin C, apple pectin, and various antioxidants. Calcium/magnesium and iodine supplementation avoid uptake of similar radioactive elements, as does consuming your daily value of potassium. Apple pectin bonds with strontium 90 and removes it from the body.

I am keeping up with my calcium, magnesium, kelp, co-Q10, and usual attention to antioxidants, as these are easy steps for me to protect myself from the effects of radiation that I may be exposed to due to the Fukushima disaster. Being attentive to your intake of calcium/magnesium, iodine, potassium, and antioxidants is a small step you can take to protect yourself from what we hope are only small levels of radioactive exposure. Let's also hope that Japan and the other affected governments give us more information in the near future about how much radiation we are actually talking about. The figures we are aware of are still primarily limited to isolated independent studies.
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