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Help Get Chuck Baldwin on the Ballot! 
Tuesday, June 3, 2008, 05:04 PM - Activism, Elections
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The Constitution Party has nominated Chuck Baldwin for President. Dr. Baldwin has been a supporter of the Ron Paul campaign, and hosts a radio show called Chuck Baldwin Live, through which he has interviewed many important conservative leaders like Ron Paul, Jerome Corsi, and Alan Keyes. Baldwin is a strong opponent of globalization, interventionist foreign policy, and the fiat money system that is destroying our economy.

It is important that Chuck Baldwin gets ballot access in as many states as possible. This will help him get his campaign off the ground. It will also draw in more votes and more awareness of the issues and the Constitution Party. It is important that all those who believe in the causes Dr. Baldwin is fighting for help him with ballot access.

Here in Indiana, Dr. Baldwin will need 33,000 signatures by June 30 to be featured on the ballot for President. Even if you plan to vote for Bob Barr or continue hoping for a Ron Paul rEVOLution at the RNC, giving the voters of Indiana this other choice is a worthy cause.

I have contacted Mark Pool of the Constitution Party of Indiana to get details on ballot access petitions. It is very similar to the petitions we did to get Ron Paul on the primary ballots...

1. Print the CAN-19 form at Print the 2 pages of the form on 2 sides of a paper.
2. You only have to fill out the county on top and the candidates: Chuck Baldwin for President, Darrell Castle for Vice President. Leave everything else on the top and the back blank. Copy as many of these as you think you might use, and then start collecting signatures.
3. Signatures must be from registered voters who are residents of the county written on top. If you want to do more than one county, print some CAN-19's for each county.
4. You can register new voters, so bring along some copies of the registration form and turn them in to your county election board before the June 30 petition deadline. The voter registration form is available at

If you are going to help out with ballot access petitions for Chuck Baldwin, please contact me at to let me know. That way I can help keep a count and let you know how to turn in your petition.

If you are not in Indiana, visit the Constitution Party's Ballot Access Report at for details about ballot access in all 50 states.
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