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New Direction of Alternative Media 
Tuesday, May 6, 2008, 08:13 PM - Media
Posted by Administrator
Through the Ron Paul movement, we have truly seen the power and potential of the alternative media online. Hundreds of web sites were started to support Ron Paul's campaign, and many new resources have been created to wake people up and help them defend liberty. I believe that this was a turning point for the alternative media.

One of the new innovations it created was more multimedia and more interactive activity in the media. We saw this in the Ron Paul Radio channels on, where "Paulers" were broadcasting live from major Republican primary events and on daily radio shows, while viewers and listeners from around the globe were chatting with each other as they received the latest news on the campaign.

Utilizing Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and other technologies, I am currently working on two projects to continue the trend of interactive alternative media online.

The first project I am heading up is part of this web site, For the past year, I have been blogging, sharing my research, and promoting actions online to you through this site for almost a year. Just this past weekend, I broadcasted the first edition of my live radio show. It airs every Saturday morning from 10AM-Noon EST (just before GCN's afternoon block of What Really Happened and World Crisis Radio, two shows I also recommend). The show is broadcast over the RPI Radio Network, formerly Ron Paul Radio. At, you can listen to the show online and chat with me and sometimes my show guests in the RPI Radio chatroom. Since the Indiana Primary is today, my guest on Saturday was Cat Ping, Republican candidate for U.S. Congress for Indiana's District 7.

Another project I have been contributing to is an IRC channel on EFNET called #deprogram. In this room, dozens of people are on at any given time, chatting 24/7 about issues. We help to wake up newcomers who enter the room, while we empower each other to get more active in our local communities and online. We will also be adding a radio show and a web site to this program soon. To join us in the room, go to Type a nickname on the left and enter #deprogram for the channel. Until the web site and radio show are up, you can find out more about this project on MySpace.

As citizens and activists, we must make ourselves a part of the media in order to ensure that the truth comes out about issues like 9/11, Real ID, and the North American Union. Through the alternative media online, we can involve more people in creating and reporting news, and have a real forum for ideas that is not suppressed by the biases of corporate media. Please join us in these two revolutionary programs.
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