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New Hampshire Primary Timeline 
Wednesday, January 9, 2008, 05:37 PM - Elections, Media
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Thursday, January 3
Iowa Caucus results:

34% Huckabee
25% Romney
13% Thompson
13% McCain
10% Paul
04% Giuliani
01% Hunter

38% Obama
30% Edwards
29% Clinton
00% Others

Sunday, January 6
Fox News holds a Republican candidate "forum" (a.k.a. debate) in New Hampshire with candidates McCain, Romney, Huckabee, Giuliani and Thompson. Ron Paul is excluded from the debate despite beating Thompson in New Hampshire polls and defeating Giuliani in the Iowa Caucus, finishing with 10%. The New Hampshire Republican Party removed their sponsorship of the debate due to Fox's biased exclusion of Paul.

Monday, January 7
New Hampshire Zogby Poll:

36% McCain
27% Romney
10% Huckabee
09% Giuliani
09% Paul
02% Thompson
00% Hunter

42% Obama
29% Clinton
17% Edwards
05% Richardson
02% Kucinich
00% Gravel

Monday, January 7
The Clinton campaign stages two publicity stunts. Bill Clinton calls Obama story on Iraq a "the biggest fiary tale I've ever seen." Hillary Clinton cries during a Q&A. Both of these events would receive non-stop news coverage in the 24 hours leading up to the closing of the polls.

Tuesday, January 8
The media, specifically MSNBC discusses the same stories all day: Bill Clinton fairy tale, Hillary Clinton crying, Obama polling well, McCain vs. Romney, Rudy Giuliani focusing on Florida.

The polls close and results start coming in.

37% McCain
31% Romney
11% Huckabee
09% Giuliani
08% Paul
01% Thompson
01% Hunter

39% Clinton
36% Obama
17% Edwards
05% Richardson
01% Kucinich
00% Gravel

Wednesday, January 9
Voters report that they and their family members voted for Ron Paul in counties where the results showed Ron Paul receiving zero votes. Sutton County was a specific case noted in several articles.

BlackBoxVoting.Org calls Jennifer Call, Town Clerk for Sutton. "She confirmed that the Ron Paul totals in Sutton were actually 31, and said that they were 'left off the tally sheet' and it was human error."

Primary results show disturbing statistics comparing machine counts to hand counts in New Hampshire. Mitt Romney had a 7.5% increase in machine-counted results. Rudy Giuliani increased by half a percent. Hillary Clinton increased by nearly 5%. Paul, Huckabee and McCain all finished at least 2% lower respectively. Obama dropped by 3%, and Edwards, Richardson and Kucinich each dropped 1%. Electronic machines count a majority of the vote, and they are heavily slanted toward select candidates.

The New Hampshire Primary results are not an accurate count of how the New Hampshire voters decided yesterday. They are not consistent with the polls, and these inconsistencies parallel the unusual difference between machine and hand-counted votes.

One county is proven to have lost 31 Ron Paul votes due to an alleged "human error." BlackBoxVoting.Org said,

This is not an acceptable answer, especially because one of the most common forms of fraud in a hand count system is to alter or omit results on the reporting sheet. Hand count is lovely, transparent. They then fill out another reconciliation sheet, often in front of witnesses, and it looks fine. Then they provide a summary or media sheet with the incorrect results.

Studies continue to show that electronic voting machines and vote-counting negatively effects election results. Many of these machines are being banned in Ohio, California and other states. The machines banned in Ohio will be used in South Carolina. Election results cannot be trusted in this country. It has been proven time and time again over the past eight years. The media is also heavily biased, keeping establishment candidates in control of the airwaves.

Fraud can only sway the vote a few percentage points at the most. Ron Paul did not finish as well as he should have, regardless of whether fraud was involved. He did not run a successful campaign, and that is shown by the inconsistency of exit polls compared to where the candidates stand on the issues. New Hampshire voters were not informed of the fact that Ron Paul has the best position on their views. We need to call for recounts, and fight our states to ban electronic voting machines, but most of all, we we need to push massive numbers out to the polls to vote against the establishment candidates.
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