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Irresponsible Conservative Plans Could Increase Abortions 
Saturday, July 21, 2007, 02:44 AM - Opinion, Policy
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On Wednesday, July 18, Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) proposed an amendment to the congressional Labor-Health and Human Services spending bill (H.R. 3043) that would prohibit every Planned Parenthood health center in the country from receiving any Title X funds. With this amendment, Pence was attempting to impress the religious right in Eastern Indiana with a fake anti-abortion campaign.

Title X funds serve women in Indiana and other states with birth control, pregnancy tests, cancer screenings, and STD testing and treatment. What they are already not legally permitted to serve are abortions.

One could legitimately argue that these services still aren't appropriate for federal funds. The Constitution doesn't say anything about providing family planning. But there are two more arguments for keeping these funds for Planned Parenthood.

  1. They will be used for other services not granted by the Constitution anyway.
  2. 70% of these patients are living at or below federal poverty levels, so this is their only option for treatment and prevention of disease as well as responsible family planning.

The House Democrats successfully demonstrated that this amendment served no purpose but to deny family and health services for poor women. In a voice vote, a shouted "NO!" settled this issue, much to Pence's dismay.

Pence has provided us with another example of how so many politicians propose efforts that do absolutely nothing to solve a problem. Planned Parenthood carried out nearly 265,000 abortions last year. That is a BIG problem. But cutting funding for the organization's other services is not a solution. It could actually increase the amount of abortions by increasing the number of STD, cancer, and unplanned pregnancy cases.

The abortion issue must be solved by going to the root of the problem. The primary problem is poverty. There are many solutions that could improve the poverty crisis and lower the disturbing abortion figures:

  • Stop inflation caused by the Federal Reserve and fiat currency. Inflation is a tax on the poor.
  • Stop programs like the North American SuperCorridor and North American Union, which will waste American tax dollars and encourage job outsourcing to other countries.
  • Reduce the defense budget and pull out of Iraq. It is wasteful, irresponsible spending.
  • Stop the "war on drugs", which traps lower class people in legal problems and imprisonment with drug charges. Drug use is a health problem, not a crime. It should be treated as such.
  • Improve education programs in urban areas by eliminating tax benefits for corporations and developers.
  • Continue the Title X funding for programs that can prevent unhealthy and unplanned pregnancies.

These actions could enable women to provide themselves with services such as birth control, pregnancy tests, and disease testing and treatment. They could prevent women from getting into situations where they would desperately resort to abortion. Plans of irresponsible politicians like Mike Pence will only worsen crises like poverty and abortion. It is time that our representatives in Washington D.C. handle these issues logically, bravely and responsibly.
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