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Sites we recommend:

Deprogram: Countering Propaganda

Deprogram is an internet community with a news site, radio show, and live chatroom.

Know the Lies

Knowthelies.Com is a close friend to IndyTruth providing news, videos and, soon, a radio show.

Truth Awaits...

Indiana's chapter the American Preppers Network, committed to teaching self-reliance.

Downsize DC

Downsize DC is one of the best online activist organizations out there. Get on their mailing list!


911blogger is the best place to get the latest developments in the 9/11 truth movement with several new posts every day.

Conspiracy Research, activism and conspiracy

Conspiracy Research is a great resource for news and information on politics and other topics. It includes a wiki-site, forum, and torrent tracker.

What Really Happened

WhatReallyHappened is a great newsfeed site by one a great patriot, researcher and critic of the U.S. government.

Truth News

TruthNews is an interactive news site run by blogger Kurt Nimmo.

Ron Paul 2008

Ron Paul, in his tenth term as U.S. congressman from Texas, is running for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. He is more true to the Constitution than nearly any politician.

Prison Planet

PrisonPlanet.Com is an excellent daily news site run by Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones.

Information Liberation

Information Liberation is another excellent grassroots news source.

Truth Love Freedom

This live radio show and podcast discusses the religious roots of the New World Order.

Education for Freedom

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