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Liberty for America

Journal of the Libertarian Political Movement

Previous Issues: 2009.

2010 Issues

Volume 3, Number 1 (June 2010)
Bovard Sues Barr 2008 Campaign. LP Convention Meets in St. Louis. New LNC Meets. Texas Libertarian Attacks. Massachusetts Libertarians. Where Your Money Went. Carpetbaggers at National Convention. Takenaga Endorses Root.

Volume 2, Number 12 (May 2010)
Editorial. To First-Time Delegates to the Libertarian National Convention. James Oaksun for LNC Treasurer. Rob Power for LNC Secretary. Carolyn Marbry for LNC Vice Chair. George Phillies and the New Path Slate for LNC. for the New Path team counted delegates at the 2004, 2006, Knapp Endorses Phillies for Chair. Thomas B. Hill for LNC At-Large Member. Who is the New Path Slate? Keaton, Porter, Antman Endorse Marbry. Hawkridge Endorses Phillies. 2010 delegate roster. Marginally more than 10% of the 2010 Keaton Endorses Phillies for Chair. Ruwart Condemns Starr, Urges His Defeat. Starr Endorses Root, Hinkle for National Chair. Other Candidates.

Volume 2, Number 11 (April 2010)
New Path to Issue Strategic Plan. Root Says He Will Run for President in 2012. Good News on Barr Transfer. New Path Candidates on the Radio. Rob Power for LNC Secretary. Phillies on Our Party's Crisis. Wilhoit Declares for Regional Alternate. How to Mobilize Volunteers and Activists. Root Appoints Rutherford as His Running Mate.

Volume 2, Number 10 (March 2010)
Region Formation: State Chairs Take Heed. LNC Kills Floor Fees. Solutions for the Libertarian Party. More Solutions for the Libertarian Party. Floor Free...But We're Not Through Yet! We Already Know the Solution. What My Friends and I Did for Massachusetts Libertarians. The Libertarian National Committee: Who’s with whom? Who’s against whom?

Volume 2, Number 9 (February 2010)
Statement Concerning Floor Fees for LP National Convention. How We Get There — Editorial. James Oaksun Declares for LNC Treasurer. Scott Williamson Declares for Regional Representative. Wilhoit Declares for Region 4 Alternate. Hawkridge Endorses Phillies. Root Makes Clear He Is Chair Candidate. The Cost of Doing Business. Root Suggests Benedict Replacement. LNC Members Disagree with Root.

Volume 2, Number 8 (January 2010)
Forming Regions for the National Committee: A Short Guide for State Chairs. Seebeck Declares for Regional Representative. New Path: Renewing Our Libertarian Party Phillies Declares for National Chair. Maine Question 1: Where Did the Money Go? Libertarian Candidates. Donor Confidentiality Committee Issues. Minority Report of the Donor Confidentiality Committee. Karlan Demands Ruwart Censor Her Own Minority Report.

Previous Issues: 2009.


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