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Staying Healthy With Nutrition

The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine

By Elson M. Haas, M.D. & Dr. Buck Levin

Published by Celestial Arts, 2006.

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements x
Preface xi
Message from Dr. Buck Levin xii
How to Use This Book xiii
General Book Disclaimers xv
Introduction 1
Chapter 1: Water 13
Water and Healing. Our Drinking Water. Choosing Your Drinking Water. So, What Do We Drink? Water Requirements. The Future of Water.  
Chapter 2: Carbohydrates 28
Simple Sugars. Fiber. Requirements. Carbohydrate Digestion and Metabolism.  
Chapter 3: Proteins 40
The Amino Acids. Food, Protein, and Complementarity. Digestion and Metabolism. Protein Functions. Protein Requirements.  
Chapter 4: Lipids–Fats and Oils 64
Classification and Biochemistry. Digestion and Metabolism. Functions. Requirements, Deficiency, and Excess. Dietary Fat and Disease. Cancer Prevention. More on Cancer Prevention. Cardiovascular Disease Prevention.  
Chapter 5: Vitamins 83
Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs). Other Nutritional Supplement Terms. Vitamin Availability. Who Needs Vitamins? Special Suggestions. The Individual Vitamins. Fat-Soluble Vitamins. Water-Soluble Vitamins. B Complex Vitamins. Other B Vitamins. The Future of Vitamins.  
Chapter 6: Minerals 148
The Macrominerals. The Microminerals. Possibly Essential Trace Minerals. Toxic Minerals and Heavy Metals. The Future of Minerals.  
Chapter 7: Special Supplements 249
Antibiotics. Anti-inflamatories. Antioxidants. Bone and Joint Strengtheners. Circulatory Aids. Detoxifiers. Digestive Support. Energy Boosters and Stress Reducers. Genetic Support and RNA/DNA. Glandulars. Green Foods. Immune Support. Mental and Nervous System Support. Metabolic and Cellular Aids. Mood Balancers. Plant Oils, Fish Oils, and Fatty Acids.  
Chapter 8: Foods 294
Fiber. Phyonutrients. Flowers. Bee and Flower Pollen. Fruits. Vegetables. Grains. Seeds. Nuts. Oils. Dairy Products. Seafood. Poultry and Eggs. Red Meats. Seasonings. Beverages.  
Chapter 9: Diets 356
Types of Diets. Cultural Diets. Western Diets. Western and Eastern European Diets. Mediterranean Diets. Asian Diets. Diets in Other Countries. Tropical Diets. Kosher Diets. Enough Food?  
Chapter 10: Nutritional Habits 386
The Food Habit Interview. Habits to Change. Combining Foods. Reading Food Labels. Staying Healthy in the Kitchen: How To Stay Clean and Not Get Food Poisoning.  
Chapter 11: Food and the Earth 412
General Concerns: What Is the Danger? How Chemicals Cause Damage: A Brief Review. Indoor Polluntants: The Home and the Office. Toxic Problems in Our Food Chain: How Do Chemicals Get into Our Foods? Organic Foods: Another Solution. Food Processing. Food Shopping. Common Food Additives. Other Food and Health Concerns.  
Chapter 12: The Components of a Healthy Diet 491
Food Groups Old and New. A New Basic Four. Components of a Healthy Diet. A Review of Recommended Dietary Changes.  
Chapter 13: The Ideal Diet 507
Building the Ideal Diet. Changing Your Diet. Ideal Schedule. Supplements to the Diet.  
Chapter 14: Seasonal Menu Plans and Recipes 520
Introductory Note from Eleonora Manzolini. Some Basic Recipes. Seasonal Menu Plans. Spring Menu Plan. Summer Menu Plan. Autumn Menu Plan. Winter Menu Plan. Recipe Glossary.  
Introduction: Infancy to Immortality 551
Chapter 15: Life Stage Programs 556
1. Infants and Toddlers (Birth through 3 Years). 2. Childhood (4 through 12 Years). 3. Adolescence (13 through 18 Years). 4. Adult Men. 5. Adult Women. 6. Pregnancy. 7. Lactation. 8. Menopause and Bone Health. 9. The Later Years (65, 70, and Older). The Future of Elders  
Chapter 16: Performance Enhancement Programs 588
10. Antiaging: The Longevity Program. 11. Antistress. 12. Skin Enhancement. 13. Sexual Vitality. 14. Athletes. 15. Executives and Healthy Travel. 16. Vegetarianism. 17. Environmental Pollution and Radiation. 18. Immune Enhancement. 19. Cancer Prevention. 20. Cardiovascular Disease Prevention.  
Chapter 17: Medical Treatment Programs 668
21. Fatigue. 22. Viral Conditions. 23. Weight Loss. 24. Weight Gain. 25. Yeast Syndrome. 26. Allergies. 27. Birth Control Pills. 28. Premenstrual Syndrome. 29. Pre- and Post-surgery (and Injuries). 30. Mental Health: Depression, Anxiety, and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The Future of Nutritional Medicine.  
Chapter 18: Detoxification and Cleansing Programs 740
31. General Detoxification and Cleansing. Sugar. Nicotine. Alcohol. Caffiene. Utilizing Detoxification for Health. 32. Fasting and Juice Cleansing.  
Futureword: Survival, Vitality Now, and Health Forever 783
Personal and Planetary Survival in the 21st Century. 88 Survival Suggestions. Immortality and Beyond.  
Appendix A: Laboratories and Clinical Nutritional Tests 802
Appendix B: Nutrional Supplement Companies 813
Appendix C: Nutrition Educational Organizations and Institutions 825
Appendix D: Recommended Reading and Reference Books 829
Bibliography 833
Index 892

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