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Defending the Undefendable

By Walter Block

Auburn, Alabama: Mises Institute, 2008. Previous publication dates 1991 and 1976.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword by Murray N. Rothbard
  • Commentary by F.A. Hayek
  • Introduction
  • Sexual
    • The Prostitute
    • The Pimp
    • The Male Chauvinist Pig
  • Medical
    • The Drug Pusher
    • The Drug Addict
  • Free Speech
    • The Blackmailer
    • The Slanderer or Libeler
    • The Denier of Academic Freedom
    • The Advertiser
    • The Person Who Yells "Fire!" in a Crowded Theatre
  • Outlaw
    • The Gypsy Cab Driver
    • The Ticket Scalper
    • The Dishonest Cop
  • Financial
    • The (Non-Government) Counterfeiter
    • The Miser
    • The Inheritor
    • The Moneylender
    • The Non-Contributor to Charity
  • Business and Trade
    • The Curmudgeon
    • The Slumlord
    • The Ghetto Merchant
    • The Speculator
    • The Importer
    • The Middleman
    • The Profiteer
  • Ecology
    • The Stripminer
    • The Litterer
    • The Wastemakers
  • Labor
    • The Fat Capitalist-Pig Employer
    • The Scab
    • The Rate Buster
    • The Employer of Child Labor

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