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Is Secession an Option for Restoring Liberty?



Montana Defies Feds on Guns
Alex Newman, The New American, 05.11.2009

"Interstate commerce" means we are free from federal regulation if we keep what we produce in our own state.

Secession Is in Our Future
Clifford F. Thie, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 04.28.2009

The Constitution gives the U.S. too much Power
Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report, 03.12.2009

Remember that the struggle for liberty does not end with restoring the Constitution.

Ignore the State
Tarran, The Liberty Papers, 02.19.2009

Historically, ignoring the state seems to have been more effective than fighting it.

Now is time to proclaim our 10th Amendment right
D. Gaking, IndyTruth, 02.05.2009

Find out what Obama said about medical marijuana and the 10th Amendment.


States Revolt Against the Federal Government
Lew Rockwell, Podcast, No. 147, 04.26.2010

How Wars Endanger American Freedom
John V. Denson, Mises Institute Austrian Workshop, 02.15.1995

Includes discussion of Federal treatment of the South leading up to the Civil War.


Secession, State, and Liberty
David Gordon, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 1998

The ultimate resource on this issue. Download it or buy it now.

Scholarly Papers

The Constitutional Right of Secession in Political Theory and History
Andrei Kreptul, Journal of Libertarian Studies, Volume 17, Issue 4, Fall 2003

Symposium on Federalism, War, and Reconstruction: Introduction
Thomas E. Woods, Jr., Journal of Libertarian Studies, Volume 16, Issue 2, Spring 2002

A Moral Accounting of the Union and the Confederacy
Donald W. Livingston, Journal of Libertarian Studies, Volume 16, Issue 2, Spring 2002

A Plain Folk Perspective on Reconstruction, State-Building, Ideology, and Economic Spoils
Joseph R. Stromberg, Journal of Libertarian Studies, Volume 16, Issue 2, Spring 2002

The Consolidation of State Power via Reconstruction: 1865-1890
Thomas J. DiLorenzo, Journal of Libertarian Studies, Volume 16, Issue 2, Spring 2002

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