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Tom Tancredo

Responsible immigration

He calls for a truly secure border and a responsible immigration policy that obeys the law and protects the quality of life in America.

USA, not NAU

"I would tell the Department of Commerce to disband the office for the Security and Prosperity Partnership," he told WorldNetDaily. "I would certainly discourage the creation of this superhighway, if you will, especially if it is designed to move people and goods from Mexico through the United States up to Canada without the border being a significant impediment."

But is it worth the catch?...

Tancredo's foreign policy and anti-terror policy authoritarian, to say the least.

Intimidating Americans with the possibility of "nuclear devices going off in this country," Tancredo also discussed with WorldNetDaily that he would continue his contraversial stance against Islamic extremism: "threatening the holy sites as a deterrent."


Tancredo has stated that his primary direction of concern is a "radical, multiculturalist agenda." This puts Tancredo's seemingly responsible policies on immigration and globalization into a different perspective. America is the most diverse nation in the world, and it was founded on the principles of the freedoms of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" for all humans. How does anti-multiculturalism fit into that? It doesn't. How do aggressive anti-immigration, anti-globalist, and vengeful policies fit anti-muliculturalism? They do. How is threatening to attack holy sites not radical as well? It is.

Tom Tancredo has good and bad policies, but the levity of the bad and the motivation behind both the good and bad are at the expense of American rights and principles.

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