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Naomi Wolf: Obama’s Satanic Rogue Empire

Lew Rockwell
The Lew Rockwell Show, Podcast No. 152
May 26, 2010

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Naomi Wolf, a former progressive tending towards libertarianism, attacked the police state under Bush, and she does not spare Obama. Indeed the spying, rendition, torture, and militarism may be worse under the Democrats. Obama promised to close the Guantanamo concentration camp, but has expanded it. He even claims the right to kill anyone any place on earth whom the US security organs claim is a terrorist, though that dread name carries no firm definition. Indeed, Obama’s use of brutal, black-garbed federal police troops against demonstrators in Pittsburgh is an alarming precedent at home. Now there is a move to allow any American citizen suspected of terrorism to be secretly arrested, secretly tortured, and secretly held forever, on the sole word of some security bureaucrat. As we face such systematic assaults on our freedom, everyone who opposes the omnipotent state – libertarian, progressive, conservative, and liberal – must join together in massive resistance. It is our only hope, says Naomi Wolf.

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