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There Are No More Countries, Only Multinational Corporations

The Hard Truth As I See It

Rayelan Allan
Rumor Mill News
October 9, 2007

The borders of all nations are gone.

The same people who started the Federal Reserve Banking System used that money to rape and pillage all the nations of the world.

Then they invested all of THAT money in Multi National Corporations.

The people who own the banks control the world right now... these same people own most of the shares in all the multi national corporations.

There are other corporations that are not owned by these people... but they don't have the same clout and power as Boeing and Raytheon.

The major corporations all have their own private armies. If you think Blackwater is a menace, think about having an encounter with a SWAT team from Raytheon.

We have huge multi conglomerate corporations with their own intelligence agencies, their own armies and the ability to print as much money as they need through the Federal Reserve.

These people don't need any more money. They don't need anymore power. They already have everything they could possibly need. Why are they continuing to foment wars?

And since they KNOW there are NO more countries, who or what are they going to declare war on.


We are seeing the beginnings of this with Islamic terrorism. I suspect that we will soon see an increase in terrorism here in the United States. This will mean that you will soon start seeing these private armies guarding the things that the Elite want guarded.

I suspect that if we tried to take a tour of Boeing or Raytheon or any of the other major corporations, that we would quickly realize that these private armies really do exist.

During Katrina, private armies protected the rich areas. Pravadaseeker is currently reporting on a town in Arizona where the board of surpervisors is trying to turn an entire county into a gated community. I suspect this gated community would be ONLY for the rich... and I suspect that if this actually happens, the entire county will have its own private army.

I wonder if this "Gated Community County" is how the Elite are implementing Agenda 21... specifically the part of creating "Islands of Humanity". This plan in Apache County seems like a good way to create a complete "us and them" world.

The "Us's" will be the ones who are lucky enough to live inside one of the "Islands of Humanity"... aka a Gated County patrolled by a private army either controlled by the county... or an army from the nearest and largest corporation, that is in fact controlling the county. The county may in fact ONLY be the bedroom for employees and retirees from a particular corporation.

The rest of the "thems" will live on the outside, with the wild animals, no laws, no food, no hospitals, no doctors, and an army of bandits that will rob, rape and kill just for the thrill of it.

I am seeing the breakdown of nations. I think that the people in Apache County are implementing something that they have been TOLD to implement. I will bet that we will soon see this type of thing implemented in many other counties around the country.

The wealthy are abandoning the major cities. They don't care if the terrorists attack them. They and their corporate officers will be snugly tucked in some obscure county like Apache, Arizona, while their corporations manufacture their products in China or some other slave wage country.

Those of us who still have half our brains left... even though "they" have pumped flouride and other crap into the environment, and therefore into our bodies, in an effort to dumb us down to "submissive slave" level are beginning to see the handwriting on the wall.

Two societies are forming --

The Elite who work for the corporations...

and the rest of us who live some kind of Mad Max existence OUTSIDE the gated counties and cities of the Elite.

Nations are gone... terrorism in the form of religious wars will complete the destruction of nations and states... and soon only Gated Corporations, Counties and Cities will exist... all patrolled by their OWN private armies.

The Elite believe THEY are GODS... Religion has outlived its usefulness to them. They now realize that Karl Marx had it right... the STATE gives people all the rights the state thinks the people deserve!!

The religious wars... brought to us courtesy of the multinational corporations will drive a stake through the hearts of ALL religions... and the Elite will finally have their GODLESS society... Without GOD... the penultimate power mongers can believe THEY are GODS!!

Evita Peron was given CIA cancer because she ended foreign domination of Argentina's industries. The Elite killed her. The Elite also wrote her history.

While I have painted a bleak picture of what's coming. I have enough faith in the few "awake" leaders that still exist throughout the world to believe that this ELITE dream will NOT be allowed to come to fruition.

However, I do believe that this Elite "dream" will run its course for a long ways before its finally brought down and commonsense and freedom are restored.

I think that before too long more people that just me will be writing about the end of nations and the rise of corporate states... or maybe corporate cities and corporate counties.

The religious wars that will be waging outside of the safety of the corporate cities, counties and states, will be keeping the rest of us too busy to even care what the corporations are doing.

I told you this wouldn't be much of an article... But the idea is sound... and I am certain you all realize it too.

Multi national corporations are forming their own safe havens, guarded by their own private armies. They are fomenting religious wars around the globe to keep the rest of us too busy to notice what they are up to, who is running the world and that the rest of us will either have to submit to them... "take the mark of the beast" and live in their "gated communities"... or roam like wild animals outside the corporate safety zones.

Originally posted by Rayelan Allan at Rumor Mill News
Tuesday, 9 October 2007, 8:40 p.m.

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