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Some Members of Congress “Get It”

Republican Liberty Caucus
RLC Newsletter
June 2010

There is a growing number of incumbent Members of Congress who “get it”. They understand that the Iraq War was a failure, that Americans are disgusted with the bailout votes, and that any increase in government spending will mean more taxation and debt.

The Club for Growth recently listed its report card on fiscal policy for 2009. The results show that several endorsed Republican Liberty Caucus scored 100% on their legislative barometer, including Congressmen Jeff Flake (AZ), John Shadegg (AZ), Paul Broun (GA), and Doug Lamborn (CO). Scoring 95% or higher are RLC-endorsed Congressmen Scott Garrett (NJ), Tom McClintock (CA), Jim Jordan (OH), Jason Chaffetz (UT), Ron Paul (TX), and Ed Royce (CA).

Of these, Broun (GA), Royce (CA), Garrett (NJ), Paul (TX), and Flake (AZ) did not vote for any of the bailouts. Chaffetz and McClintock were not in Congress during any of the bailouts, so they cannot be held responsible for those votes.

Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Over 170 Candidates in 2010

The Republican Liberty Caucus continues to roll out candidate endorsements. The number of freedom-loving candidates who have already been endorsed in 2010 by the RLC includes 173 different candidates running for local positions, state legislature spots, statewide races, or federal races.

This slate of candidates was carefully reviewed and approved by our National Committee or by one of our state chapters.

Value of the RLC Endorsement

A RLC endorsement can be tremendously valuable to a candidate, especially in primary races. The RLC can provide endorsed candidates with a signed statement explaining why the candidate should be elected. This statement can be distributed as a flyer or displayed prominently at the candidate’s website.

In a primary in particular, the endorsement can ensure Republicans that the most worthy Republican candidate is the candidate who has embraced traditional Republican principles — the candidate endorsed by the RLC.

For the many voters who share our values — and we believe that most Republicans hold liberty and small government close to their hearts — the RLC is a brand name which stands for the core values of the GOP and having the endorsement of the RLC immediately lets voters know that a candidate is one of the best which our party has to offer.

To seek the RLC’s endorsement, log on to our website.

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