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Toxic Beaches

400 people on Pensacola Beach became sick with a variety of problems like blisters, sore throat and lung problems. The Mississippi River and drinking water supplies are being contaminated. The Florida governor maintains that the beaches are safe, while the EPA deploys decontamination centers.

Obama’s Oil Spill To-Do List

The Obama Administration continues to push for unrelated responses that will have a disastrous effect on our economy, especially the economy of the Gulf states most affected.

Gulf Oil Gusher: Danger of Tsunamis From Methane?

A new and less well known asymmetric threat has surfaced in the Gulf of Mexico oil gusher. Methane or CH4 gas is being released in vast quantities in the Gulf waters.

States Need To Launch Criminal Investigation Into BP, Federal Government’s Role In Oil Spill

There can now be no doubt whatsoever that the BP oil spill was purposefully contrived, either through deliberate negligence or outright sabotage, and is now being used to further the Obama administration’s political agenda.

Article Charters Kill Private Schools and Add to Taxpayer Burden
Adam Schaeffer, Cato@Liberty, 06.30.2010
Article Obama Wants The Oil Spill Crisis To Get Worse
Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet, 06.30.2010
Article The Myth of Political Consent
James Ostrowski, Lew Rockwell, 06.24.2010
Article DC Vouchers Boost High School Graduation Rates
Joshua Hoerner, Commonwealth Foundation, 06.24.2010
Article The Permanent Dehumanizing of Humanity?
Dr. Judith H. Young, Global Research, 06.24.2010
Article U.S. Indirectly Paying Afghan Warlords as Part of Security Contract
Karen DeYoung, Global Research, 06.24.2010
Article Central Banking in Crisis: Some Twenty Countries on the Verge of Insolvency
Bob Chapman, Global Research, 06.23.2010
Article Too Much Government in the Gulf
Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Straight Talk, 06.21.2010
Article The Actions and Inactions of the Commander in Charge of the U.S. Air Defense Failure on 9/11
Shoestring, 911 Blogger, 06.19.2010
Article Direct Action is Key: Anarchist Commentary on the BP Oil Disaster
Darian Worden, Center for a Stateless Society, 06.17.2010
Article As the Spill Expands, So Does Presidential Power
Steve Chapman, Reason Magazine, 06.17.2010
Article "The War is Worth Waging": Afghanistan's Vast Reserves of Minerals and Natural Gas
Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, 06.17.2010
Article Bob Murphy: How the Monetary System Fuels the Debt Crisis
Forum on the Future of Conservatism, Campaign for Liberty, 06.14.2010
Article Naomi Wolf: Obama’s Satanic Rogue Empire
Lew Rockwell, The Lew Rockwell Show, Podcast No. 152, 05.26.2010
Article Mideast Expert Journalist, Author Alan Hart
Kevin Barrett, The Kevin Barrett Show, No Lies Radio, 05.25.2010
Article Bush Admin. Conducted Experiments and Research on Detainees...
Physicians for Human Rights, 06.07.2010
Article State Socialism and Anarchism
Benjamin Ricketson Tucker, 1886
Liberty for America: Journal of the Libertarian Political Movement
Volumes 2-3, 2010
Cato Journal
Volume 30, 2010
Creating a Crisis: The Squandered $100 Billion Education Stimulus
Lindsey Burke, Heritage Foundation, 06.15.2010
Article Rule of Law: Out the Window
John Stossel, Fox Business, 06.16.2010
Article BP’s ‘Nightmare’ Well: Internal Documents Uncover Negligence
Brandon Keim, Wired Science, 06.15.2010
Article U.S. Passports Made In Thai Factory
Corruption Chronicles, Judicial Watch, 06.15.2010
Article Rep. Paul: Free Market Would Have Kept BP Responsible
D. Gaking, Lysander Spooner Institute, 06.15.2010
Article Slow Down Government, Part II: Congressional Reform
D. Gaking, Lysander Spooner Institute, 06.14.2010
Article Slow Down Government, Part I: State Reform
D. Gaking, Lysander Spooner Institute, 06.13.2010
Article Friedrich von Hayek: The Road to Serfdom
David Weinberger, The Foundry, The Heritage Foundation, 06.14.2010
Article Supreme Court Rejects Case of Tortured Canadian
Ryan Singel, Threat Level, Wired.com, 06.14.2010
Article Against Top Two
Darryl W. Perry, Free Patriot Press, 06.01.2010
Article Does Malinvestment Matter?
William L. Anderson, Not So Fast, The Freeman, 05.26.2010
Article Property Rights, Liberty, and Immigration
Glenn Jacobs, Lew Rockwell, 05.26.2010
Article Obamacare’s Cooked Books and the “Doc Fix”
James Capretta, The Foundry, The Heritage Foundation, 05.25.2010
Article How politics follows social change and doesn't lead it
CLS, Classically Liberal, 05.25.2010
Article Disapproving of EPA’s CO2 Regulations
Nicolas Loris, The Foundry, The Heritage Foundation, 05.24.2010
Article Breakup Of U.S. Is Inevitable
Rev. Chuck Baldwin, Chuck Baldwin Live, 05.19.2010
Article Jean-Baptiste Colbert
Murray N. Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 05.20.2010
Article Free Trade: Key to Job Creation
Anthony B. Kim, The Foundry, The Heritage Foundation, 05.19.2010
Article Bill for Afghan War Could Run Into the Trillions
Eli Clifton, AntiWar, 05.19.2010

The Trouble with Representative Democracy
Jim Fedako, Lew Rockwell, 05.19.2010

Article The State and the Energy Monopoly
Darian Worden, Center for a Stateless Society, 05.27.2010
Article Some Members of Congress "Get It"
Republican Liberty Caucus, RLC Newsletter, June 2010
Article This Congress Has No Shame
Conn Carroll, Morning Bell, The Heritage Foundation, 05.27.2010
Article A Crisis of Competence in the Gulf
Conn Carroll, Morning Bell, The Heritage Foundation, 05.26.2010
Article CFR Meeting – Zbigniew Brzezinski Fears The Global Awakening
Zbigniew Brzezinski, Council on Foreign Relations, 05.18.2010
Article Book Review: The Politics of Liberty in England and Revolutionary America by Lee Ward
Becky Akers, The Freeman, 05.18.2010
Article Book Review: The Harsh Truth About Public Schools
David L. Littmann, The Freeman, 05.18.2010
The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty
Volume 60, 2010
Article Side Effects: Small Businesses Still Left Empty-Handed
Kathryn Nix, The Foundry, The Heritage Foundation, 05.18.2010
Article Inflation Destroys Savings
Ludwig von Mises & Bettina Bien Greaves, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 05.18.2010
Article Book Review: Fair Trade for All: How Trade Can Promote Development
Richard M. Ebeling, The Freeman, 05.18.2010
Article Kevin Ryan, Journal of 9/11 Studies
John Bursill, Visibility 9-11, 05.14.2010
Article Side Effects: Fewer Flippin’ Hamburgers at White Castle
Kathryn Nix, The Foundry, The Heritage Foundation, 05.17.2010
Article Junk Economics: A Closer Look at Those Shocking Health Insurance Profits
Robert Book, Ph.D., The Foundry, The Heritage Foundation, 05.17.2010

Is The Afghanistan War Justified by 9/11?
Dr. David Ray Griffin, 911Blogger, 05.12.2010

Article Lindsey Williams On The BP Oil Catastrophe
Jeff Rense, Jeff Rense Show, 05.11.2010
Mercantilism: A Lesson for Our Times?
Murray N. Rothbard, The Freeman, 1963
Article The Education Bubble
B. T. Donleavy, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 05.12.2010
Article The Big Bank Lobby: Too Big to Bear?
Robert L. Borosage, The Huffington Post, 05.11.2010
Article Jim DeMint Rise Upends GOP Order
Ben Evans, The Huffington Post, 05.11.2010
Article What’s Worse Than Energy Taxes? Renewable Electricity Standards
Conn Carroll, The Morning Bell, The Heritage Foundation, 05.11.2010
Article The Militarization of Outer Space: The Pentagon's "Space Warriors"
Tom Burghardt, Center for Research on Globalization, 05.09.2010
Christian Libertarians
Roy Halliday, Formulations, Free Nation Foundation, 1996-97
Article The Declaration of Independence Provides the Answer to Illegal Immigration
D. Gaking, IndyTruth, 05.10.2010
Article Arizona Crime Stats
Brad Warbiany, The Liberty Papers, 05.03.2010
Article More Inconvenient Obamacare Truths
Conn Carroll, The Foundry, The Heritage Foundation, 05.03.2010
Article James Traficant: “We Are in A Soviet Style Implosion”
Alex Jones, PrisonPlanet.tv, 04.30.2010
Article Wayne Madsen Reports CIA Control of Afghanistan’s Opium Fields
Alex Jones, PrisonPlanet.tv, 04.30.2010
Article The super-classified network that served as command and control for the 9/11 false flag attack on America
Wayne Madsen, Wayne Madsen Report, 04.29.2010
Article Biological Warfare: Priority to Bioweapons Research over Public Health
Sherwood Ross, Center for Research on Globalization, 05.01.2010
Article Syria Accuses UN of Intervening in Its Internal Affairs
KUNA, 04.29.2010
Article Hidden Toll of US Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: “Surge” in Military Suicides
Bill Van Auken, World Socialist Web Site, 04.28.2010
Article Health Ministry Finds that Fluoridation Does Not Reduce Tooth Decay
World Dental, 04.30.2010
Article Forgotten Facts of American Labor History
Dr. Thomas E. Woods, Jr., Mises Institute, 11.22.2004
Article Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime Has Triple Standards
Thalif Dit's een, AntiWar, 04.30.2010
Article Feds Fighting War On Immigration Like War On Drugs
Brad Warbiany, The Liberty Papers, 04.29.2010
Article Side Effects: The Beginning of the End for FSAs
Richard Sherwood, The Foundry, The Heritage Foundation, 04.29.2010
Article Want some cancer with that burger? Eating meat linked to bladder cancer
S. L. Baker, Natural News, 04.29.2010
Article Tea Party movement should support ballot access reform
Liberty Point, 04.30.2010
Article Green Party of Texas launches online ballot access petition
On the Wilder Side, 04.23.2010
Article What’s More Important: Liberty Or The Entity That Protects It?
Dr. Chuck Baldwin, Chuck Baldwin Live, 04.27.2010
Article Is the CIA behind Mexico's Bloody Drug War?
Mike Whitney, Information Clearing House, 04.27.2010
Article The second world economic crisis – Webster Tarpley
Russia Today, 04.28.2010
Article Iran Sanctions Debate Heats Up
Jim Lobe, AntiWar.com, 04.29.2010
Article The Anti-Imperialist League and the Battle Against Empire
Dr. Thomas E. Woods, Jr., Mises Institute, 12.15.2006
Article Why Not Work for the Government? Federal Workers Make Twice As Much
Rob Bluey, The Foundry, The Heritage Foundation, 04.29.2010
Article Progressives Hate the Poor: Why Do DailyKos and Alternet Support a Racist Program?
Jacob G. Hornberger, LewRockwell.com, 04.29.2010
Article Cape Wind and the Clean Energy Economy
Nicolas Loris, The Foundry, The Heritage Foundation, 04.28.2010
Article Obama Plan Blows Secret Kisses to Wall Street
Ernest Istook, The Foundry, The Heritage Foundation, 04.28.2010
Article Libertarian and Green Parties Stand in Opposition to the Creeping Police State in Arizona
Poli-Tea, 04.28.2010
Article Gold is a Viable Alternative to Currencies, in Spite of all the Manipulation
Bob Chapman, Global Research, 04.28.2010
Article Renouncing American Citizenship
Lew Rockwell, Mises Institute, 04.28.2010
Article Massachusetts law would turn doctors into serfs
Don Watkins, Voices for Reason, Ayn Rand Center, 04.27.2010
Article Staying Reasonable with 9/11 Truth - A Powerful Path to Success! An Interview with Ken Jenkins
John Bursill, Visibility 9-11, 04.24.2010
Article The Truth is Not Enough: How to Overcome Emotional Barriers to 9/11 Truth
Ken Jenkins, 911 Blogger, 05.01.2009
Article Economic Freedom: Key to Post-Conflict Recovery
Anthony B. Kim, The Foundry, The Heritage Foundation, 04.27.2010
Article What Raising Minimum Wages Has Meant for Two American Island Territories
James Sherk, Aleksey Gladyshev, The Foundry, The Heritage Foundation, 04.27.2010
Article Western Civilization is Doomed
Prof. John Kozy, Global Research, 04.27.2010
Article On Socialism, Corporatism and Democratic-Republican Party Government
Poli-Tea, 04.27.2010
Article Media Disinformation: Syria Threatens Israel’s Security. One Big Smokescreen
Ali Jawad, Global Research, 04.27.2010
Article The American Military is Creating an Environmental Disaster in Afghanistan
Matthew Nasuti, Global Research, 04.27.2010
Article Judge Napolitano on the New Arizona Immigration Law
Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News Channel, 04.27.2010
Article Immigration: What's the Problem?
D. Gaking, Catholic Libertarian, 05.01.2010
Article Misguided Fears of Crime Fuel Arizona Immigration Law
Daniel Griswold, Cato Institute, 04.27.2010
Article Bailouts, Stimulus Packages and Jobless Recovery: The Crisis of Wealth Destruction
Henry C.K. Liu, Global Research, 04.27.2010
Article NABE Economists on Stimulus: No Impact!
The Foundry, The Heritage Foundation, 04.26.2010
Article Relying on Economic Freedom in Trying Times
The Foundry, The Heritage Foundation, 04.23.2010

Action Alert: Audit the Fed Amendment Vote Tuesday!
Downsize DC, 05.03.2010

Article US threatens Iran with all options
PressTV, 04.26.2010

States Revolt Against the Federal Government
Lew Rockwell, Podcast, No. 147, 04.26.2010

Article Today's Conversation Was Nothing But War Propaganda
Rep. Ron Paul, U.S. House Floor Speech, 04.29.2010
Article A Closer Look at China's Currency Manipulation
Jonathan M. Finegold Catalán, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 04.23.2010
Article Teaching Inflation
T. Hunt Tooley, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 04.22.2010
Article Liberty vs. the Constitution: The Early Struggle
Albert Jay Nock, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 04.21.2010
Article The Weaponization of Space: US to Launch Secret 'Space Warplane'
Press TV, 04.20.2010
Article The Bubble in For-Profit Schooling
Aaron Smith, Mises Institute, 04.19.2010
Article Lew Rockwell on AntiWar Radio
Scott Horton, AntiWar Radio, 04.17.2010
Article Austrian Economics Rising
Thomas R. Eddlem, The New American, 04.15.2010
Article Protecting the Privacy Rights of Petition Signers
Christina Tobin, Free & Equal, 04.15.2010
Article Central Banking as an Engine of Corruption
Thomas J. DiLorenzo, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 04.16.2010
Article The Revolt of the States
Alan Caruba, Canadian Free Press, 04.14.2010
Article Catherine Austin Fitts
Alex Jones, PrisonPlanet.tv, 04.10.2010
Article Strategic Arms Reductions Treaty Signed, but Russia and U.S. Have Nothing to Cut
Center for Research on Globalization, 04.09.2010
Article What Is a Libertarian?
John Stossel, Fox Business Channel, 04.08.2010
Article Green Party: President Obama must press Israel to end East Jerusalem settlements
Press Release, U.S. Green Party, 04.08.2010
Article Jesse Ventura Delves Deep Into the NWO, Etc.
Alex Jones, PrisonPlanet.tv, 04.08.2010
Article Farewell Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
Alex Jones, PrisonPlanet.tv, 04.08.2010
Article Iraq War Vet: "We Were Told to Just Shoot People, and the Officers Would Take Care of Us"
Dahr Jamail, Truthout, 04.07.2010
Article "Preemptive Prosecution": FBI Entrapment of Muslims in the US
Sandy English, World Socialist Web Site, 04.07.2010
Article Federal Judge Slams Obama Administration Lawyers’ Defense of Illegal Wiretapping
John Andrews, World Socialist Web Site, 04.06.2010
Article US Wars On "Terrorism" Were The Essence Of "Violence"
Political Theatrics, 04.04.2010
Article Russia makes deals with Venezuela, Bolivia
D. Gaking, IndyTruth, 04.04.2010
Article US-funded Columbian Army slaughtered 2,000 in mass grave
D. Gaking, IndyTruth, 04.04.2010
Article What War with Iran Means
Patrick J. Buchanan, AntiWar, 04.02.2010
Article Obama Claims ‘All Evidence’ Supports Allegations Iran Developing Nukes
Jason Ditz, AntiWar, 04.02.2010
Article Conservative Opposition to the Afghanistan War
Malou Innocent, AntiWar Radio, 03.31.2010
Article Obamacare's Unconstitutional Coercion
Robert A. Levy, Cato Daily Podcast, 04.02.2010
Article I’m Sick of Central Planners
Chris Edwards, Cato@Liberty, 04.02.2010
Article Health Care Bill Unconstitutinal? Phil Hare Doesn't Care!
Michael F. Cannon, Cato@Liberty, 04.02.2010
Article Libertarians: Obama should end Afghanistan War
Libertarian Party, 03.31.2010
An Inflation Primer
Melchior Palyi, Henry Regnery Company, Chicago, 1962
Honest Money
Gary North, Dominion Press, Fort Worth, Texas, 1986
The New Despotism
Robert A. Nisbet, Institute for Humane Studies, Menlo Park, 1976
Foreign Policy and the American Mind
Robert A. Nisbet, Institute for Humane Studies, Menlo Park, 1978
Ludwig von Mises on Money and Inflation
Ludwig von Mises , Ludwig von Mises Institute, 2010
The Roots of Capitalism
John Chamberlain, Van Nostrand, New York, 1965
Article Escalate or Withdraw? Conservatives and the War in Afghanistan
Cato Institute, 03.18.2010
A Christian Perspective for Health Care Reform
Dr. Donald P. Condit, Religion & Liberty, Vol. 19, No. 4 (Fall 2009)
Exercise Your Freedom of Speech: Question 9/11
Print this poster to promote questioning the official story
The Principle of Subsidiarity
Fr. David A. Bosnich, Religion & Liberty, Vol. 6, No. 4 (July/August 1996)
Article The War In Afghanistan Is Not Conservative
Rep. John Duncan, U.S. House of Representatives, 03.10.2010
Article The Idea of a Private Law Society
Hans Hermann-Hoppe, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 07.28.2006
The Myth of National Defense
Hans Hermann-Hoppe, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 2003
The Private Production of Defense
Hans Hermann-Hoppe, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 1998
The Market for Liberty
Morris and Linda Tannehill, 1970
Antipolemus, the Plea of Reason, Religion, and Humanity against War
Desiderius Erasmus (1456–1536)
Conspiracy Theories
Cass R. Sunstein & Adrian Vermeule, Journal of Political Philosophy, 01.2008
Article Writers Can Prosper Without Intellectual Property
Gennady Stolyarov II, Mises Institute, 01.13.2010
Article Property: The Great Problem Solver
Morris and Linda Tannehill, Mises Institute, 01.13.2010
Article Nine Basic Economic Systems
Ayn R. Key, 01.16.2010
Article Secession Sans Elections
Alex R. Knight III, Center for a Stateless Society, 01.15.2010
Article A Progressive Case for Ballot Access Reform
Poli-Tea, 01.11.2010
Article 193 Libertarians File for Office Including 5 for Governor
Libertarian Party of Texas, 01.05.2010
Position of the American Dietetic Association: Vegetarian Diets
Journal of the American Dietetic Association, V. 109, N. 7 (July 2009)
Article Trilateral Geithner: Corrupted Regulator?
Patrick Wood, The August Review, 01.09.2010
Article Is Anyone Telling Us The Truth?
Paul Craig Roberts, Information Clearing House, 01.08.2010
Article U.S., NATO Expand Afghan War To Horn Of Africa And Indian Ocean
Rick Rozoff, Stop NATO, 01.08.2010
Article The Awful Truth: Liberals Begin to Bail on Obama
Ralph Nader, Counterpunch, 01.01.2010
Article Happy Tax Year!
The Morning Bell, The Heritage Foundation, 01.01.2010


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