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Fareed Zakaria confronted on Bilderberg and 9/11

We Are Change Ohio
May 19, 2009

WeAreChange Ohio questioned Newsweek editor Fareed Zakaria at Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio, about his attendance at the 2003 Bilderberg conference and the statements by General Hamid Gul on his CNN show.

When asked about the Bilderberg conference in Versailles in 2003, Zakaria tried to downplay the importance of the annual meeting, which brings together many of the most powerful business, political and media figures from around the world.

Despite Zakaria’s flippant remarks, evidence has come forth to support the contention that these leaders are assembled in order to march in lock-step on certain globalist policies - from the creation of the European Union and the Euro, to artificially-created fluctuations in oil and stock market prices.

Zakaria was also asked as to why there is a shroud of secrecy that surrounds the conference. Zakaria responded that the meetings are off the record because it allows for "freer and franker discussion."

In addition to his attendance at Bilderberg, Zakaria serves on the boards the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission. The CFR is instrumental in the unification of North America and managing the destruction of American sovereignty. Ultimately, these groups aim to strip individual citizens of their legal rights.

Zakaria was also asked about the statements of Pakistani General Hamid Gul, who was once the head of the ISI. On Zakaria’s CNN program "GPS", Gul emphatically stated that 9/11 and the Mumbai attacks in November 2008 were each an "inside job."

Interestingly, Zakaria said that Gul implicated Mossad in the attacks of 9/11. In fact, Gul stated that it was perpetrated by the "Zionists with the neocons." One could say that it is implied that Mossad would act on behalf of Israel, but Gul did not specifically mention the intelligence agency.

Zakaria responded by referring to Gul as a "crackpot." Political and media figures often resort to name calling when they are opposed by a group of highly credible scientists, scholars, military officers and intelligence analysts that are in support of 9/11 Truth.

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