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Money & Power Corrupt. Would They Corrupt You?

Andy Wright
Campaign for Liberty
April 25, 2009

People are not allowed to print money because it is against the law. It is against the law because it dilutes the money supply and devalues the rest of the money in our economy thereby causing inflation. For those who think Bailouts and Stimulus packages are needed, consider this.

Let's say the government created a new program. Federal agents show up at your door and say, "We want to offer you a chance to help our economy recover." They give you a printing press and say they will allow you to print your own money for one month with no limits. "It will be good for the economy," They say. They leave and there you are with a printing press and your government's blessing. Wow! You hit the jackpot! What would you do? Would you print just enough money to pay your bills and eat? Would you print enough money to improve your lifestyle? How about feeding the hungry or maybe giving enough money to get medicine to the poor? Think of all the people you could help! You could save your neighbors' homes and local businesses. You would be admired, worshiped and a hero.

As they say, money is power. Most people consider power to be control, but the power to help, cure and feed can also be addictive. That is why some wealthy people give away their fortunes, and there is nothing wrong with that when you are giving away your own money. However, when you print money you create problems. One is, of course, inflation. You, in fact, did not create any money. You only reduced the value of everyone else's money and in turn caused people who are already on the brink of poverty to go hungry. Sure, you may have fed the guy down the street but at what cost to others? Someone will have to starve to feed that guy with the printed money. For every home you save someone will be forced into foreclosure. For every person you help you will have inadvertently hurt someone else. Take a minute and think about it. Is it worth it?

This is what the politicians don't seem to understand. Yes, it is a great feeling to be able to help others and be the hero, but you have to do it with your own, earned money. These people who are spending us into a possible collapse of the dollar are on a power trip. They are spending our money like crazy and most likely believe they are doing the right thing. The more they help the more they are worshiped so the more they want to continue to help. It is a vicious circle. They are like junkies craving their next fix and not considering the damage they are doing.

When the government prints money they have many resources to hide and delay the devastating results of all their spending. They borrow and create debt which makes it seem like the problem is going away but some day the bills will come due. Our government's answer to that is, "We will worry about it then." But by then it will be too late. Conveniently, most of the people destroying our economy will not be in office when this time comes. It's like someone with no descendants taking out a loan when he or she has been given only months to live. They will not be here when the bills come due so they spend like crazy and live it up.

It seems everyday Obama is on television selling us on his spending craze. What amazes me is the American people are buying it. Okay, let's really put this into perspective. Again, this is for the Obama "spend till we succeed" cheerleaders. Let's say Obama came to your door and personally gave you the same sales pitch, "Mr. /Mrs. Patriot, I have a plan. I can turn this economy around and create jobs yadda, yadda, yadda. . . all I need from you is $18,584 dollars and our country will be a happier and more productive society. And, by the way, we accept Master Card, Visa, and AMEX or, if you like, we can simply finance you with no credit check; you're pre-approved! For as little as $400 a month you will be an integral part of saving our economy." Would you sign on the dotted line or would you explain to him that you just can't afford it? This is essentially what they are doing to us except we are not given a choice. Instead of handing over the cash we will pay higher prices for food, gas, utilities and taxes. The entire country will suffer. What if Obama said he was going to directly tax every household $400 a month starting today so we can pay for these bailouts and stimulus? Would you agree with that?

They are, in fact, stealing our money. There will be rampant inflation and people will go hungry. We are being forced to accept this debt even though the American people are overwhelmingly against it. This is our labor and when the government takes your labor that is equivalent to slavery. They give our hard earned money to crooks on Wall St. and other private companies that should have failed. Obama said the executives at AIG did not deserve their bonuses of $165 million, and he is outraged because they were incompetent and did not deserve the money. But, they were competent enough to deserve the $180 billion? Obama received $120,000 from AIG during his campaign for President. Still think we need bigger government and more spending?

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