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Obama-Biden Continue Bush-Cheney Bloodbath

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January 29, 2009

“So Much For “Change”” Says Veteran’s Group

Anaheim Hills, CA: The National Veteran’s Coalition, an organization made up of active, retired and reserve members of the country’s Armed Forces expressed outrage at the Obama - Biden administration’s flagrant disregard for the lives of American servicemen and women as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars continue the bad foreign policy of the Bush - Cheney years.

The veterans group spoke out as Vice President Joe Biden announced the country should expect more casualties as the Obama administration plans additional troop deployments to Afghanistan.

“The 30,000 additional men and women that Obama - Biden offered up to die in the unconstitutional war in Afghanistan shows how seamless the two parties, two administrations really are and have been all along,” said National Veterans Coalition National Chairman Larry Breazeale.

Breazeale, a retired Air Force Master Sergeant and Viet Nam combat veteran, noted The Pentagon’s plans to send the additional troops was a request endorsed by the Bush administration.

Breazeale commented that Biden’s calling the inevitable increase in American casualties an “uptick” shows the “cavalier attitude this administration, like the one before it, has toward the lives of our soldiers.”

“What exactly is different about the Obama foreign policy? The vast majority of Americans want these unconstitutional and immoral wars to end immediately. These wars were based on contrived “intelligence,” they cannot be won and they do not serve our country’s best interests,” Breazeale added.

Retired Brigadier General Charles Jones III, (USAF) Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the National Veteran’s Coalition points to a recent tape in which Osama Bin Laden reportedly says:

“There are reports that 75% of the American people are happy that the current president is leaving office because he dragged them in wars that they had nothing to do with and drown them in financial abysses that reached their ears…if (Obama) continues the war, he will drown in the financial crisis… he inherited… two wars … he is incompetent in continuing them.”

General Jones commented: “Even our enemies know Americans don’t want this war, can’t pay for this war and are watching as the financial burden of this war further crushes our nation.”

About the National Veteran’s Coalition:

The NVC is made up of retired and active duty members of all branches of the U.S. military including the National Guard.

NVC is an outreach of the Constitution Party,the fastest-growing political party based on voter registrations. The Constitution Party believes a return to constitutional government will mean an end to wars such as those in Iraq and Afghanistan which have been endorsed by both the Republican and Democrat parties .

About Larry Breazeale, National Veterans Coalition Chairman:

Master Sergeant, USAF, Retired: Breazeale served as a USAF Security Policeman (Blue Beret), both on active duty (1966-1970) and as a Reservist 1978-1995). He saw action in Vietnam as an Air Base Defender at Bien Hoa AB during the Tet Offensive. MSgt Breazeale has also participated in deployments to England (six times), Germany, and Saudi Arabia (King Fahd airbase) as part of Operation Desert Storm. Larry is an active member of the Air Force Security Police Association and the Vietnam Security Police Association.

About Charles Jones III, Founder and National Chairman Emeritus:

Brigadier General, USAF, Retired: Jones served continuously in the Air Force and the Air Force Reserve from 1954 to 1986. He has held numerous command positions, including tactical and strategic airlift wings, a tactical fighter wing, and a Special Operations Group. He is a graduate of the Air War College, and he has logged over 6000 hours in 32 types of military and civilian aircraft. He has worked closely with officials such as White House staffers, US Senators, US Representatives, and Governor

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